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“The Juilliard School gave me the dance technique and vocal skills I needed to feel confident in any chorus call, but when auditioning for Riff (in Broadway’s West Side Story) I knew I needed a great acting coach. With no experience and very little confidence I turned to Patricia Angelin; who quickly created a safe and comfortable working environment while tailoring her coaching to my individual needs. Her impeccable craft and joy for the work was truly infectious! I gained the ability to embody my character; felt prepared for every practical aspect of my audition and most importantly booked the role! I know I could not have gotten this job without Patricia Angelin’s invaluable coaching!”
– Joseph J. Simeone

“Pat’s text analysis goes deeper than any class I’ve taken. She really shows you in so many ways how Shakespeare’s support you as an actor. I can use the invaluable exercises she taught for the rest of my career.”
– Jessica Vera

“Patricia Angelin has an incredible wealth of knowledge and experience. As her student, you are on a roller coaster of self discovery. I’ve never had so much fun with a coach – and in such a safe and truly inspiring environment. You’ll never want to get off this ride.”
– Russell Lewis

“Patricia works with the actor through the text to create and develop a rich understanding of the play and the characters. Her knowledge of history and literature are extraordinary and provide instant background information for further enrichment of characterization. She takes the time to truly allow an actor to take risks and create amazing work they can not only be proud of, but that can get them work!”
– Katie Maconaughey